A lineup is a practice common to the underground "Mister Houses" of Cascadia where women go to choose men to engage in sexual activities with.

Typically two rooms are connected by a one-way window. A collection of men, a number usually between 5 and 12, will line up either completely naked or clothed only in underwear. Sometimes the men will carry cards which state their names and their scores or ratings at various sexual activities. Behind the window, the woman evaluates her choices and may ask questions of the various men or of the house staff. Upon making their selection, the women are ushered into a private room where their chosen man awaits them.

While lineups and Mister Houses are technically illegal in Cascadia, they are accepted with varying degrees of tolerance depending on the city government. Pørtland, Cascadia's capital, is commonly thought to be the most tolerant of the Cascadian cities.








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