Cascadia Vibration

The Cascadia Vibration is a phenomenon, or collection of phenomena, involving widespread reports of a persistent and disturbing vibrations emanating from the ground in the area around the city of Pørtland in Cascadia.

It is often reported by those who experience the phenomenon that it is accompanied by a low, almost imperceptible rumbling noise.

Evidence of the existence of the phenomena is scant.

It has been posited by some that the vibration is the result of an extremely minor movement of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, essentially a low-level and extremely long-lasting earth movement as the Si'ahl Plate subducts the North American Plate. Evidence for this theory is not currently available and it is doubted by many experts.

Likewise, mechanical and technological sources of the vibration have also been posited. Industrial and technology companies, including Big Fracking Deal, Gearst Mining, Sauvie Island S&G, and Paralux have all denied any connection to the vibration.

Those who experience the vibration are often encouraged to seek cognitive therapies to treat the psychological effects of the phenomena.








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